Sweden’s leading tramway magazine

MfSS (Meddelanden från Svenska Spårvägssällskapet – Messages from the Swedish Tramway Society), with Modern Stadstrafik (Modern Urban Transport), is Sweden’s leading tramway magazine, with articles from all over the world about urban transport, particularly tramways.

The magazine published its first issue in 1959. It is Svenska Spårvägssällskapet’s official magazine, publishing six issues per year. The articles are written by the Society’s own members and by leading authors within the industry, which guarantees a high level of expertise!

Editorial staff

Publisher: Björn Stråhle
Editor-in-chief: Thomas Lange
Other editorial staff: Anders Forsberg, Thomas Johansson, Bruse LF Persson, Olle S Nevenius

Meddelande från Svenska Spårvägssällskapet (MfSS)
c/o Lange
Östbergsvägen 7, lgh 1601
454 31 Uddevalla
070-209 91 45

Modern Stadstrafik (Modern Urban Transport)

Modern StadstrafikA magazine to disseminate knowledge and deeper expertise within the fields of urban planning and public transport

Modern Stadstrafik is independent of industry organizations. Its purpose is to regularly and systematically report on developments, trends and tendencies within the public transport field, in Sweden and abroad. It is intended to serve as a source of knowledge and as support for decision-makers in the industry and to promote public transport.

Particular attention is paid to producing well-edited text, and on photos and illustrations of very high quality in four-color. High print quality maintains the initial good impression during the following perusal of the text and images.

öppna i nytt fönster Read more at the web site Modern Stadstrafik (only in Swedish).

Editorial staff

Publisher: Björn Stråhle
 Thomas Johansson
Project manager: Thomas Lange
Advertising and subscriptions:

Modern Stadstrafik
Falkenbergsgatan 2
115 21 Stockholm


MfSS with Modern Stadstrafik is included with membership in Svenska Spårvägssällskapet. Companies and other interested parties can subscribe to Modern Stadstrafik separately. A separate subscription without membership costs SEK 500 within Sweden, SEK 600 outside Sweden.

Include the name, address, and E-mail address for each person who needs to receive the magazine. Remit payment to Svenska Spårvägssällskapet’s bankgiro account, 5085-3993, or the plusgiro account: 5 72 70-1


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Article authors are responsible for the content of their work. Reproduction is permitted with credit to the source. Advertising rates supplied on request. Printed at LTAB in Linköping. ISSN 0347-6960