Nordic tramway atlas

A list of tramway cities in the Nordic and Baltic countrys and trolleybuses and undergrounds.
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Nordic & Baltic


The tramcar tables show car numbers, manufacturer, type, year delivered, type designation (internal to the tramway company), and any other relevant data. The type is shown according to the standard used in tramway books published by Blickpunkt Strassenbahn, e.g. 2xZR.
    This means:
  • 2x = 2-axle car (the number shows the number of axles)
  • ZR = double-ended car (Zweirichtung)
    Other designations used:
  • ER = single-ended car (Einrichtungswagen)
  • Gel = articulated car (Gelenkwagen)
  • NfV = 100% low-floor car (Niederflur)
  • NfT = partial low floor
  • NfM = low floor in center part

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