Junior camp

Svenska Spårvägssällskapet arranges a youth camp every year for young people aged 12-18. We gather in Malmköping, where the camp takes place one week each year. At the camp, like-minded young people from all over Sweden gather and spend time together. They get a chance to meet, share experiences, and talk over their shared interest in public transport, vintage tramways, and buses, among other things.

During the week, we go on excursions, swim, grill, and also do technical work on the museum tramway in Malmköping. The young people are trained as ticket sellers and conductors, depending on their ages. De hjälper även till att bedriva trafiken och lär sig mer om nutida och forna kollektivtrafik.They also help run the tram service and learn more about current and former public transport.

We are working to give more young people from all over Sweden a chance to become active in Svenska Spårvägssällskapet and to participate in our activities.
Utfärd med A30 på Tvärbanan