SL X9p

AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik class X9p no 57-60

© Jan Lindahl

data for the class X9p
Vehicle:  suburban motor car 
Company:  AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) nytt fönster 
Town:  Stockholm 
Line:  Roslagsbanan 
Class:  X9p 
Car number:  57-60 
Built number: 
Manufacturer:  ASEA 1962 
Gauage (mm):  891 
Length (mm):  17400 
Width (mm):   
Height (mm):   
Weight (kg):  32000 
Axel arrangement:  Bo'Bo' 
Wheelbase (mm):  2400 
Boggie center base (mm):  12400 
Wheel diameter (mm):  880 
Wheel tread width (mm):
Type of motor:
Motor power (kW):  660 
Type of controller:
Type of coupling:
Operating current:  1500 V DC 
Max speed (km/h):  75 
Door arrangement:
Number of passengers:  48 seating = 48 passengers 
Out of service:  utrangerade 
Note:  Roslagsbanan. 

The history of the class (only in Swedish):
Fd SJ Xoa9p 57-60. Ombyggda 1984-1986 för manövervagnsdrift.