SL B232 9163

AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik class B232 no 9163

B232 9163
© Michael "Bussmicke" Nilsson

data for rail vehicle 9163
Vehicle:  work car, vacuum-cleaning car 
Class:  2-axled single-ended (2xER) 
Manufacturer:  SS 1926-10-05 
Colour:  orange 
Last renevation:   
Operation category:  IV driftsklass IV (requires a complete overhaul to become ready for operating use)
Preservation category: 
Owner: SS(2) nytt fönster 
Housed:  Brommahallen 
Museum year:  1996 
Note: fd SNS litt A4 nr 163, SS litt A3 nr 163, SS litt B232 nr 9163
data for the class B232
Vehicle:  work car 
Class:  2-axled single-ended (2xER) 
Company:  AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) nytt fönster 
Town:  Stockholm 
Class:  B232 
Car number:  9163 
Built number:   
Manufacturer:  SS 1926-10-05 
Gauage (mm):  1435 
Length (mm):  11240 
Width (mm):  2200 
Height (mm):  3630 
Weight (kg):  13100 
Axel arrangement:   
Wheelbase (mm):   
Boggie center base (mm):   
Wheel diameter (mm):   
Wheel tread width (mm): 120
Type of motor: AEG US521 (fläktmotor)
Motor power (kW):  68,7 
Type of controller: AEG FB105 (fläktpådrag)
Type of coupling: albert
Operating current:   
Max speed (km/h):   
Door arrangement: VH 1 000 0
Number of passengers:   
Out of service:   
Note:  dammsugningsvagn 

The history of the rail vehicle (only in Swedish):
Donerad till SS (2) 1996-06-28 av AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik.
Uppställd i SL Hammarbyhallen. Från juni 1998 uppställd i Brommahallen

The history of the class (only in Swedish):
SL B232 Fd SS A3 nr 163
Ombyggd i Hammarby 1957