GB (sv)

AS Graakalbanen class (sv) no 51-52

© Lennart Hjelm

data for the class (sv)
Vehicle:  trailer car 
Class:  4-axled double-ended (4xZR) 
Company:  AS Graakalbanen (GB) 
Town:  Trondheim 
Line:  Graakalbanen 
Class:  (sv) 
Car number:  51-52 
Built number: 
Manufacturer:  HaWa 1924 
Gauage (mm):  1000 
Length (mm):  13000 
Width (mm):  2600 
Height (mm):   
Weight (kg):  16000 
Axel arrangement:   
Wheelbase (mm):   
Boggie center base (mm):   
Wheel diameter (mm):   
Wheel tread width (mm):
Type of motor:
Motor power (kW):   
Type of controller:
Type of coupling:
Operating current:  600 V DC 
Max speed (km/h):   
Door arrangement:
Number of passengers:  40 seating + 40 standing = 80 passengers 
Out of service:  1967-1968 

The history of the class (only in Swedish):
Utrangerade: 1967 (52), 1968 (51), begge vognene ble hugget