HKL (tb)

Helsingin Kaupupungin Liikennelaitos class (tb) no 601-603

© Anders G Rehnström

data for the class (tb)
Vehicle:  trolleybus 
Class:  2-axled single-ended (2xER) 
Company:  Helsingin Kaupupungin Liikennelaitos (HKL) nytt fönster 
Town:  Helsingfors 
Class:  (tb) 
Car number:  601-603 
Built number: 
Manufacturer:  Hägglund, ASEA 1940-1941 
Gauage (mm):   
Length (mm):   
Width (mm):   
Height (mm):   
Weight (kg):   
Axel arrangement:   
Wheelbase (mm):   
Boggie center base (mm):   
Wheel diameter (mm):   
Wheel tread width (mm):
Type of motor:
Motor power (kW):   
Type of controller:
Type of coupling:
Operating current:   
Max speed (km/h):   
Door arrangement:
Number of passengers:   
Out of service:  utrangerade 
Note:  fd Stockholm