SS F4 F74055

AB Stockholms Spårvägar class F4 no F74055

F4 F74055
© Björn Stråhle

data for road vehicle F4 F74055
Vehicle:  trolleybus, trådledbuss 
Manufacturer:  Alfa Romeo, Marelli, Stanga 1950 
Length (mm):  17100 
Width (mm):  2450 
Height (mm):  3650 
Weight (kg):  17000 
Wheelbase (mm):   
Tyre dimension: front: 13x20, rear: 13x20 
Type of motor:   
Motor power:  170 
Type of controller:   
Type of coupling:   
Chassis number:   
Registration number:  F74055 
First reg.number:  F74055 
Max speed (km/h):   
Door arrangement:  0-3-3-0 
Number of passengers:  seating: 54, standing: 58 
Last renevation:   
Operation category: 
Preservation category:   
Owner:  SSS nytt fönster 
Housed:  Malmköping nytt fönster 
Museum year:   
Note:  ledvagn med fyra axlar 

The history of the road vehicle:
Upphittad i skog sommaren 2013.
Transporterad på trailer till Malmköping 2013-12-30.