More buses and trolleybuses

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More buses and trolleybuses

Inläggav depprussell » ons 20 jun, 2018 13:29


I would like to ask someone if would be kind to create some of the famous old buses and trolleybuses from Romania, wich were very popular but they got outdated and many of them got replaced with modern vehicles.In my city Cluj-Napoca you see only ROCAR Trolleybuses all of the ROCAR buses are replaced.I never saw an articulated ROCAR bus but there was once. i would really apreciate the person who would make these vehicles(or at least one of each kind: articulated bus,trolleybus and simple trolleybus,bus)cause i've been searching the whole net for these vehicles but nothing.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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